Tantric Massage

Fancy a Tantric massage by a beautiful Asian lady? Then pay a visit to London’s no.1 erotic massage service.

Tucked away in Central London, Happy Hour Massage provides the most sensual, passionate massages available. Our gorgeous Asian ladies will reawaken that sexual energy, making you 100% relaxed and open to pleasure.

A tantric massage is one of the most erotic available in any culture. Our beautiful girls bring this libido-boasting technique right to the heart of London. Massaging every inch of your body, all your muscles and points of stress will be relaxed, particularly your tantric zones. Increasing your blood circulation, it also reduces muscle soreness, relieves muscular tightness and decreases anxiety.

With stress and worries melted away, this often leads to orgasm for many of our satisfied customers. You too can request extra services, if the desire arises. We want your experience to be as romantic and fulfilling as possible, in every respect. That includes reaching the ‘big O’.
Call today for the ultimate erotic experience.

Our Japanese Massage in London

Are you looking to experience the company of an experienced Japanese escort in London? By using our network of professional oriental escorts in London, you can experience an adult service like no other.

They’re sexy, succulent, open-minded and very skilled. These oriental ladies know what they’re doing and they know their way around a man’s body. Pressure points, sensitive parts and masculine parts, they know how to work them. Our VIP escorts have striking black eyes, cute smiles, perfectly shaped legs (enough to grab hold of) and silky skin will feel amazing on top or underneath you. They’re not gentle and are extremely versatile. They can be gentle, affectionate, funny, willing, elegant and romantic.

Whether you’re aching from stress of exercise, or your mind is currently filled with work problems, then our Japanese massage services are highly effective in allowing you to take your mind off of your issues and spend time with a lovely lady behind closed doors.

Experimental or not, submissive Japanese ladies always please you and guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is one of the oldest forms of erotic massage- but incredibly popular. This massage, considered an art form in Japan, is becoming increasingly available worldwide as it can be an alternative to penetrative sex, the clients were sensually bathed and massaged to achieve orgasm.

The masseuse climbs astride the client and begins to glide her glistening naked body over her client’s, causing a unique tactile sensation that is incredibly arousing. The real art of this massage is in the slides and glides the masseuse makes with her body. It actually requires a fair amount of flexibility and stamina to perform the massage techniques with all the different parts of the body. You will be amazed at the sensations as she agilely and gracefully flips her body like a gymnast, using her forearms, elbows, thighs, feet, breasts and buttocks to stimulate you.

The masseuse will stimulate all parts of your body, including your genital region. The lubricating nuru gel ensures there is minimal friction and the skin glides smoothly with heightened sensations. It is intensely erotic and your body will undoubtedly respond. Clients tell us they experience more powerful and longer lasting orgasms than they ever have before.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage has but one purpose in mind – to enable you to reach new sensual heights and always providing a top-notch service. Our Oriental Massage will let you get in touch with the prettiest Asian girls you’ve dreamed of. It’s our aim to please, and it’s where we derive our pleasure from! In other words – your pleasure is our pleasure.

Does age matter?
Good sex is the preserve of feisty 20-year-olds with great bodies and rocket-fuelled sex drives. At least, that’s what most people think.

But a new survey begs to differ. According to a US poll of over 2,000 men and women, sex really does get better with age – and that’s particularly true for men. The study found that men are the most confident in bed between the ages of 35 and 69, while women experience their peak of sexual confidence between 18 and 40.